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If you'd like to know more about me or the story behind Between Shadows, check out this interview with Kasey Giard: http://thestorysanctuary.com/author-interview-kathleen-cook-waldron

I'm working on a new book and will keep you posted.

Between Shadows - the book Welcome Between Shadows, book number ten in my writing family! The idea for Between Shadows simmered in my brain for a long time before finally shaping up into a book for ages eight and up. It's the story of Ari Martin who inherits a very special, potentially life-changing, gift from his beloved grandfather. But can he keep it? And can he save it from being destroyed?

About Me

I'm a daydreamer. As a child, I spent hours sitting in the grass in our backyard, pulling weeds and 'chatting' with the meadowlarks on the power lines. I can't remember what we talked about, but I do know I was happily lost in my own world.

I'm also a bit of a slow thinker. Growing up I spent lots of time mulling over different experiences and coming up with things I wish I'd said or done differently. Nothing unusual about that. But even Young Kathynow as I'm working in the garden or going for a walk, lines come to me that I want to remember. Often by the time I'm back inside, I don't remember them, but sometimes I do. More than anything, I think this affinity for daydreaming and for wondering 'What if...?' led me to writing. With writing I can be slow, as long as I'm diligent, which often I'm not. I still lean toward daydreaming over the discipline of a writing routine, in spite of knowing that success as a writer requires actual time spent writing, not just thinking about it.

Where do I find the ideas for my books? My father and my grandfather were great storytellers and clear observers of life, who believed above all else in the importance of family. Although I have only one brother, Kelsey, a Kathy todaysuccessful scientist, I was lucky to grow up with a large extended family. Many of my cousins are like sisters and brothers. One is only ten days younger than I am. Another lives in the mountains like I do and even has a husband with the same name as mine: Mark. My family has given me a wealth of material to write about, not to mention all the names I have to choose from for my characters. My children, Levi and Rosy, are my greatest joys. My husband Mark is my best friend. Our experience building our own log house off the grid in Mahood Falls and living there for thirteen years before moving to Horse Lake is another of my favorite places to go to dig up new ideas.

Next to my family are friends that are as close as family and Horse Lake that is my favorite playground, winter and summer. I'm extremely fortunate to have such a peaceful spot and supportive family and friends who allow me time to nurture my daydreaming into stories for you. Happy reading!


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